Natural Incense Sticks – Amber


  Created from pure extract of herbs, roots, bark, and petals. Friendly to the environment – each fragrance has been hand-rolled onto bamboo sticks and packaged locally in handmade tree-free cotton and banana pulp paper. Provides sustainable employment to village folk in South India

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Natural Incense Sticks – Amber

The Amber Incense sticks create a warm and woody scent that freshens any room. To use, just light the end of the incense sticks, blow out the flame, and then place them in the incense holder.

The Pondicherry Natural Incense Sticks are made from the pure extract of herbs, roots, barks, and petals to create a wonderfully natural aroma. These Incense Sticks are also environmentally friendly. Each fragrance is hand-rolled onto bamboo sticks, which are then packaged in wood-free cotton and banana pulp handmade paper.

Bamboo is a great sustainable and eco-friendly material! It’s the fastest growing woody plant on earth, and is eager to eat up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It’s also super durable and makes fantastic, long lasting incense!

Pondicherry Incense also offers sustainable employment opportunities to the impoverished villages in South India. The incense is also cruelty-free and uses no animal-tested or animal-derived materials in the production process.

The Amber Incense is the perfect eco-friendly, socially responsible, and natural alternative to aerosols and any other chemical air fresheners! And, it will make any room smell wonderful with a slightly sweet and woody freshness.

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