Silver Anchor Bracelet CREA


  Provides full-time employment to artisans in Costa Rica

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Silver Anchor Bracelet

The Silver Anchor Bracelet features a simple anchor on a cream string that is adjustable from 2-5 inches in diameter to fit almost any wrist size. Wearing this bracelet will transport you to the beach where you can taste the salty ocean air and envision crashing waves.

Founded in Costa Rica, Pura Vida provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide and raises awareness for charities with products that give back. All their products are packaged in biodegradable bags that break down after 180 days when buried because Pura Vida is passionate about protecting the environment.

Pura Vida has partnered with more than 175 charities and has donated nearly $2.6 million to important causes that give back to the environment, people, and animals. Some of their products plant trees, clean beaches, provide clean water to those in need, and preserve animal habitats. Purchasing the Silver Anchor Bracelet is a meaningful way to support artisans, the environment, and a company committed to bettering the world!

You can find the brand portfolio for Pura Vida here.

silver anchor bracelet


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