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The Holiday Box of Light

Holidays, like all rituals, serve to remind us of values that we cherish, stories we love to hear and tell, and traditions we adore and invent. This Holiday Box of Light connects thoughtful givers and appreciative recipients with gifts that create and sustain social impact. In this small box, you will find a world of hope. What could be a better gift at this lovely time of year?

These gifts represent values that resonate with the December holidays—preserving the environment, reducing human slavery and trafficking, welcoming travelers in need of a home, caring for creatures, providing light to those who have none, providing access to clean water, empowering women, paying fair wages for hard work, feeding hungry children, reintegrating members of the human community and more.

The Holiday Box of Light is e carefully curated and designed to fill your holiday with love and cheer, while also making the lives of people and animals better, safer, and more prosperous. By supporting local and global organizations in their social and environmental missions, we hope to share purpose and love in the boxes we sell.

You can find the brand portfolio for Giving Beyond the Box here.

The box includes:

Kids Bamboo Utensil Set from To-Go Ware

Gourmet Muesli from Beautiful Day

Soothing Body Balm from Thistle Farms

Socks from Conscious Step

Chocolate from Equal Exchange

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