Vegan Floss Refills


The plastic-free alternative to conventional floss!

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Vegan Floss Refills

Vegans we heard you and are happy to announce our new Bamboo Charcoal floss refills. This is a plastic free alternative to conventional floss to keep your gums healthy and teeth looking good! The refill package contains two spools of vegan polyester floss with 33 yards of bamboo charcoal each. The package is made of recyclable paperboard with a compostable plant-based cellophane storage bag inside.

Everything about this product is designed to minimize waste and benefit the environment because for every person in the U.S. who flosses their teeth according to ADA recommendations, just the empty floss container alone would fill a landfill the size of a football field six stories high. This is a huge amount of plastic waste that can and should be avoided.

Dental Lace’s mission is to cut down on this unnecessary plastic waste and they have succeeded! Their dental floss is made from 100% Mulberry silk and is a 99% zero waste product. The dental floss patterned glass container with the stainless-steel cap is functional, decorative, and reusable! The dental floss refill bags can be composted, the boxes can be recycled and the floss biodegrades. The only waste is the waterproof label on the container, which stays on the reusable container. By purchasing these floss refills and choosing to minimize your waste, you are making a huge impact on the environment!

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