W.F Vivienne


  Humanizing the fashion industry, each piece is hand-signed, celebrating its maker
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Vivienne Dress

The Vivienne is a cute and versatile organic shirt dress that features a draped fit and long sleeves to keep you warm. This lightweight dress is perfect for a fall day and will keep you feeling cozy while looking cute. It’s made in Peru and from 100% organic cotton, which makes the Vivienne dress breathable and soft.

Krochet Kids works to help people break the cycle of poverty by providing life changing opportunities to women in need. They ensure that each maker earns fair wages and are able to become financially independent.

This enables families to become self-reliant and provide their children with education and opportunities that break the cycle of poverty. No more sweatshops!

Thanks to their partnership with Known Supply, their parent company, each product is signed by the incredible maker of the dress. This approach to fashion promotes transparency and allows the consumer to celebrate the incredible work that the maker of their dress put into the product.

By purchasing the Vivienne dress you are making a huge impact on the financial stability of families trying to break the cycle of poverty and humanizing the fashion industry by getting to know the maker behind your dress! This dress is truly a meaningful purchase, and it’s super cute too!



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Iron/White, Spruce/White, Black


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