Zen Garden Bamboo Case for iPhone X & XS


     Buying this phone case plants one tree through the non-profit organization American Forests.

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Zen Garden Bamboo Case for iPhone Case X & XS

The Zen Garden Bamboo iPhone Case is the perfect balance between elegant minimalist design and solid, sturdy protection.

Bamboo is durable, natural, BPA and naphthalene free, and is the fastest growing woody plant on earth, eager to eat up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Basically, the bamboo phone case is better for you and the environment!

And, when you buy this case, REVEAL will plant a tree with the non-profit American Forests, which has planted over 45 million trees worldwide since 1990.

REVEAL’s mission is to design innovative tech accessories without harming our planet. They use nature’s renewable gifts of bamboo, cork, wood and innovative recycled fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles to create beautiful tech accessories.

They also use vegan materials to ensure that no animals are harmed in the making of their products because they care deeply about animals! REVEAL is also committed to giving back to nature and has already donated more than $110,000 to various environmental nonprofits.

By purchasing the Zen Garden Bamboo Case, you can help REVEAL give back to the planet and keep our Earth beautiful!

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