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"Skeeto Shield" DOUBLE Mosquito Net Hammock

Hobo Hammocks

  • $ 69.00


✅  For each hammock sold, one meal is provided to our homeless through Hobo Hammocks.



One of the few downsides to hammocking is often the mosquitoes that want to join in on the fun. But don’t worry, we’ve created the solution with our Skeeto Shield Mosquito Net Hammock! This hammock is guaranteed to keep the bugs away! And that means you can enjoy this amazingly beautiful world without acquiring any battle scars along the way. If you’ve been looking for a beautiful hammock with protection from the nasty, buzzing insects, then look no further because the skeeto shield mosquito net hammock will do the job.  This hammock still comes in our large, double size to make sure you’re comfortable while hanging. It’s also covered under our lifetime, unlimited warranty so if anything ever happens to it, we’ll replace it for free!


  • 300 cm x 200 cm (Approx 10 ft x 6.5 ft)
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Bug net hammock with integrated zipper attachment
  • 3 loops on each side so you can choose between 1 line overhead or 2 lines for a little more space!

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