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Tooth Savior | Ultamint

A Wild Soap Bar

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✅  Environment

% of the profits donated to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Clean The World.



The soapy alternative to harmful toothpastes! Ultamint Tooth Savior cleans teeth completely and naturally without added glycerin which coats teeth and prevents re-enamelization. It does not contain fluoride, SLS, triclosan, artificial sweeteners, dyes or other harmful ingredients commonly found in commercial toothpastes. Combined with a natural whole foods diet, Tooth Savior specially formulated soap for teeth is the best prescription for exceptional dental health. The new recyclable amber glass jar contains .6 oz by weight which is approximately 130 soap shreds.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place ½ soap shred on a back molar, bite down, brush gently with a wet toothbrush, expel, then rinse well. Recommended for adults, teens, and children 6 years and older.

TIP: To learn why natural soap is the best thing to brush with, why fluoride is so harmful, and what really causes cavities, read Good Teeth Birth to Death by Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D.

Ingredients: saponified premium vegetable oils (organic extra virgin olive, sustainable organic palm & palm kernel, organic sunflower), organic aloe, essential oils (spearmint, peppermint, tea tree), non-GMO birch xylitol, sea salt, calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay®), wild white oak bark, organic spirulina, organic horsetail, organic vanilla, organic stevia, organic natural flavors

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