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✅  Environment

Buying this phone case plants one tree through non-profit organization, American Forests.



    • ECO-FRIENDLY – This strong, thin wood iPhone case is not only eco-friendly, but it is also cruelty-free. It has a smooth touch like leather, without the use of animal skins. A thin and sleek cell phone case for iPhone X, the long-awaited for revolution in technology. As a bonus, Reveal Brand Tech Accessories will plant a tree for every product sold, so buying this product helps the environment.

    • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL FIT – This wooden phone case is specially designed for the new iPhone X. With fitted openings just where they need to be, and a snug fit, this case does not block or prevent any normal use of the iPhone, allowing it to fully function as it would without the case. Also has a great look, with the individual and natural design of tree rings.

    • SLIM – Our wood iPhone case is handcrafted for convenience and protection of your iPhone X. This durable case can still fit easily into a back or front pocket as it hugs the phone, keeping it nice and secure. Due to the sleek wood material, you can slide the case in and out of your pockets without it getting caught or stuck. Plus, it won't get in your way or look too bulky in your pocket.

    • SHOCK ABSORBING – We use natural tree ring wood because not only is it visually appealing, but it is also naturally shock absorbent. The soft yet firm material of the wood will protect the phone if it's dropped by acting as a cushion to break the fall. Silicon and plastic cases don't compare to our natural protective cases. Cell phone cases for iPhone X wood grain looks great and works better.

  • WATER-RESISTANT – Our tree ring wood iPhone case is also naturally water resistant. If water is splashed onto the case it will not soak into the material and ruin the case. As long as the water doesn't run inside the case, your phone will be protected from water damage. Carry with you the best of old and new – old and classic with wood, new and trendy with your new iPhone X case!

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