You are currently viewing Want to raise your company’s Instagram followers and better engagement? 

Want to raise your company’s Instagram followers and better engagement? 

Want to raise your company’s Instagram followers and better engagement? 


We have the answers for you. Instagram is a great platform to use to curate a community online surrounding your company. The main key is authentic engagement to grow relationships with your customers online. Follow these simple techniques to grow your Instagram and start building a strong online community today.


Know your niche

It is crucial to know your target demographic to reach. For example, we know that we are popular among those who want to be sustainable or live an eco-friendly life. Understanding this already gives a leg up as these are the types of people you want to engage with. The key to gaining followers is to look to see who they are following now. Most of the time, they are following accounts that would be related to yours. This is how the Instagram algorithm works as well as many other social media. A great way to explore different groups of people is through hashtags.


Follow accounts through those who have been successful


A big contributor to our success is by using other Instagram accounts that have larger followings than us to gain followers. You go into their account and follow their followers. Do not go beyond 100 follows within an hour or your account could become blocked from doing so. We made this terrible mistake while being on a roll with our social media. This hurts your account’s ability to do well in the Instagram algorithm.


Do not fall victim to apps

Do not try to unfollow people who are not following you back through apps. Unfortunately, we made this mistake which resulted in our account being suspended. They are great to look at your analytics, but it is risky using them to unfollow accounts. It is actually against Instagram’s policies to have outside accounts helping with followers in any way at all. Just to convey even more emphasis I will say it again, do not use apps to gain or remove followers otherwise it will land you in hot water.


Engage with your community

This can be done by finding where your demographic is geographically. This could be in the town of your business or where you know people who would be interested in your service or product resides. For example, we engage with those who live in the most sustainable cities around the world because our store and mission is to promote sustainability. You want to be sure to gain those people as followers, and you can do so by interacting with them. As far as your account, giveaways are popular as well as using captions that get followers to answer a question of some sort. Opening your options to those beyond who are in your city can help you in doing so.


How to engage

This brings on the question of how to engage with everyone on this platform. That seems like a large task, but it can be broken down into different ways of going about it. One way that engagements can be done is by commenting on posts in the area that you know your company would appeal to. This could mea commenting on posts within a hashtag or a location.

However, if you comment too much then instagram will block you. I would not go over around 40 comments within an hour to be safe rather than sorry. Again, as mentioned before this will contribute negatively to the Instagram algorithm surrounding your account. The main goal is to use this machine to help you, and by doing things that you are not supposed to will inevitably hurt your business’ reach to customers.

These have been some of the ways that we have grown Impact Everything through trial and error. Instagram can seem daunting to many, but with some practice you will get it down pat. We hope these tips have helped you. Stay safe and be well!

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