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Request Form Sent


As I am preparing to take laptops to Nepal, I have acquired 6 laptops as donations. I am currently working very hard to reformat the computer and assess if it will be of good use once I take it back. I have received couple of laptop with broken screen and some don’t turn on. There are 4 laptops so far that are functioning properly. I am now on the process of installing Linux on the computer and downloading educational content. Educational content such as khan academy, make me genius, etc. If anyone reading this blog has ideas on the content to download for young kids, please feel free to advise me. Laptops will be used by K-5 grade kids.

As I am doing this after work, I am realizing I can’t take these laptop by myself. When I booked my ticket, I had spoken with Eithad Airways customer service person and he gave me this email address to email with the details of how many laptops, toys etc. I was all happy and joyful.

Today I came home and started to write a brief email to Eithad Airways explaining the whole story about how the school was build and how I am going to build a computer class and playroom when I go to Nepal in February. As I proof read through the email and clicked sent I was nervous but happy at the same time because I was hopeful that someone on the receiving end of the email will write me back. I was hopeful for to get a positive response.

Few minutes later I got an email saying the email address is not correct and the email bounced back. It sucked.

I started to go to Eithad Airways website again and started from the scratch. As I looked, they have a section called “Corporate Responsibility” where they help those that need help to make a positive impact. I filled out some fancy form and wrote the best I could about building a computer classroom and playroom and more details followed. I am hopeful again.

I am realizing the big challenge here in front of me for the next 34 days until I aboard that plane from JFK to KTM. As I getting ready to go to bed, I am scared if I will actually be able to take these laptops with me to Nepal? I gotta stay hopeful eithad will help me take them to Nepal if not than…

I know I can take 2 laptops myself on carry on. The other 3 would be up in the air. If there are people going to Nepal prior to Feb 9th, and are willing to bring a laptop with them please let me know.

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