You can help animals by rescuing them, preserving their habitats, and using products that do not harm their livelihoods. Examples of products that help animals include cruelty-free, vegan, to goods that donate to animal rescue.

focuses on the improvement of illness via diagnosis or recovery. Examples of products that care for patients would be a headband that donates another headband to a child with cancer, or socks that fund HIV research.

includes improving and funding educational curriculums, and the construction of schools. Examples of products that help education would be a bracelet that funds tuition or a backpack that donates school supplies to a student in need.

by living a low waste lifestyle, wearing sustainable fabrics, and providing proceeds to environmental organizations. Examples of eco-friendly products are a bamboo toothbrush or a biodegradable phone case.

Ethletics uses sustainably sourced materials to create eco-friendly and ethically manufactured shoes. Their products are vegan and Fairtrade Certified. 

Tentree plants ten trees for every product purchased because they are committed to keeping our planet beautiful. Their products are ethically manufactured and made from eco-friendly materials like hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. 

For every pair of socks purchased, Conscious Steps donates to one of 16 non-profits supporting causes like poverty, breast cancer, disaster relief, and more. They are Fairtrade Certified and source sustainable, organic cotton from small farmers in India.