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Summer 2019 – WILD WILD WILD

Summer 2019

It has been 523 days since Lanna and I were in Uganda, Africa. I remember coming back from Uganda and planning for the next trip. Monday, May 27, 2019, in two days at this time Claire Lin & I, will board on a plane to Uganda. Wild wild wild. So wild that I was stressed out packing my bags and cut my finger with a pocket knife. Had to go to the ER last night to get stitches. In order to alleviate my stress, I decided to drop everything and I bucked down to write this blog.

Summer 2019
I cut my finger and had to get stitches.

My name is Saroj Bhandari, co-founder of Impact Everything. I want to first off thank my full-time job bosses (Mark C. and Mark F, Lisa & Jim) for granting me the time to travel to Uganda and lead a primary school building project. Through this blog, I will share my experiences on the journey and try to be as boring as possible because according to the kids in the streets, being cool is out of style. YEAA BORING!! (dad jokes, I promise it will get better.)

I plan on dedicating my time writing blogs as often as I can even though the writing is one of my least favorite thing to do. When I was little, around age 6 I think, one of my homework assignment was to write a sentence with the word “Pen”. I submitted my homework saying “I pen writing.” which literally translate to Ma (I) penle (pen) lekhachu (writing) in Nepali. Not only did I get nothing for this particular assignment, but my siblings also got to make fun of me forever.

Right to Left Top: Shushila dd, Sheela DD Bottom: Sukh and Me

As I get older I realize the importance of writing. For example it can be therapeutic healing for someone under stress; record keeping of your property/business/anything really; govern a government body; directing a contractor to do a project in a specific way; a manual on how to use a newly purchase electronics; and my favorite one – end world wars with treaties. You better know how to read and write sir/madam, because it’s everywhere in the world we live in.

According to United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, there are still 775 million people in the world who are illiterate, with another 152 million children set to follow in their footsteps because they aren’t attending school. Kind of crazy to think about that. WILD WILD WILD

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