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Thank You

With all that is going on in this world, I am blessed I have people watching my back. I want to point out few people for guiding me to become who I am today.

Bhim Bhandari: Thank You Buba. He honestly is one of the dopest people I know. He is loud and wild at times, but he is a good man. When I was building a school in Nepal, I used to call him often from my phone on viber. I would share him my different experiences, ups and downs and he would always give me great deal of motivation. Motivation is not accurate.

Let me explain. There was a time when I was trying to get the plans approved in the District Office in Chautara. I had called him the day before I was heading to the District Office. He would tell me that he would call back and go through people he knew to get me a reference even if it was in the middle of the night. He used to tell me, “Son its dangerous, be careful” like half a dozen Nepali parents. Thank you Buba!

Buba ra ma

Sushil Koirala: He has been an absolute inspiration. He has honestly not only inspired me, but always shared a vision with me. I had gone to my village where my dad, his brothers and sisters, and my grandfather had been for a long long long time. I was excited to build a school there initially. After one month of planning, and understanding the needs I had found out that the principal didn’t want a school to be built there anymore. It was awful feeling.

Later, when I found out there was a need in Ramche for a school I was very excited. As soon as I found out, I had spoken with Sushil dai. Right when I said hello on the phone, he said “Saroj your voice sounds excited. I haven’t heard that voice recently.” before I even said anything. I am not really trying to be cornball but seriously thinking back to that moment, I felt he was looking out for me. Thank you dai from bottom of my heart for sticking by me through the thick and thin and also providing me the opportunity to build a school in Nepal.

Sushil Dai and I on the way to the School

Amar Bahadur Thakuri: Honestly, without you the school would have never even be there. I can think of countless time you have held it down for me, and for your community. I can go on and on and on. I still remember when I first arrived in the village and said to the community that I want to build a school here. I told everyone that yes I was an new engineer from UCONN with qualification but with zero knowledge of actual real life engineering with no prior school building skills. I didn’t know what I was doing but was willing to figure out along the way to how to build a school.

I remember Amar dai’s response was, “If that is true, I will be your shadows”. It meant that he would be by my side to help.  I actually have that video recorded of him saying that in my computer. He did do just that and was there. While I was running back and forth from Kathmandu and Ramche, Amar dai was taking care of the construction work and managed the workers. Thank you Amar dai!

Right to left: Sarada Miss (Principal), Amar dai, Me and Bimala dd.

Looking forward to meeting you again in 2 weeks.

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