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Thankful for Everything

Thank for Everything

I officially became a mama (uncle) of 2 new born boys Ariyan and Bihaan. A lot has been going on in my family setting ever since, a lot of dippers, baby toys and lots of car seats carrying duties for the babies. When there are babies in the house, it definitely adds a lot of fresh air. It also gives a chance to realize you were like that once upon a time with smalls fingers, smooth skin, crying and waking up in the middle of the night, drinking milk all day every day etc. Anyways, I am pumped to see them grow!

Mr. Ariyan Evans
Mr. Bihaan Koirala

We also did a car wash fundraiser at Branford on August 10, 2017. With immense hands and hard work of young boys and girls of Branford, it was a great success. During the carwash, I recall this particular moment which I really want to write about. There was a very young girl named Aripra who would insist on washing the car herself with a sponge. She was there for a while and when I suggested for her to maybe take a rest, she said “I want to wash the car for Nepal”. I was blow away by her attitude and determination even though she is on the other side of the world, she cares very much for Nepal.

IMG_1282.JPGAripra (on left) & Ocean (on right)
Aripra (on left) & Ocean (on right)
I also want to thank all the volunteers (Aawan, Abhinav, Aripra, Binisha, Kriti, Lanna, Mahesh, Mamta, Nitya, Ocean, Rohit, Riya, Sumyl, Supreme, Sushant, Suyesha, Usha, and Utsav) who put so much time and effort into event. Thanks a lot guys! Also, want to thank Tek Kuwar Unlce & Hajurba, Bam Uncle and Darma dai for supervising the event.

Impact Mart recently got invited to do a lecture for University of Connecticut on Social Entrepreneurship to Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) program. The group were young entrepreneurs from North African Countries. It was such a awesome experience to be able to take part in. Thank you to Mr. Jack Barry for inviting us to the program as a speaker.

SUSI Group at UCONN Alumni Center


Our intern Isshi, who had spend the summer with us has left for college and I want to wish her well for her future. She was fantastic person to work with and I know she will go great things in the future.

We are also hosting our first football tournament here in Connecticut. It will be a world cup version 11 V 11 match where each team will represent a nation. It is happening on Monday, September 4, 2017 (Labour Day). I want to thank the planning group (Anup, Anup, Anurag, Mamta, Mahesh, Jensun, Rickchen, Shabit, Shushank, Sajan and Suyesh who have worked their ass off to put this together. Thanks a lot guys!


All the events funds will go towards building a library (or community center) and bring internet in Ramche, Nepal. We are currently working with Nepal Innovation Center to coordinate the installation of internet which can be tricky.

The dates for the trip to Nepal is yet to be finalize. Once it is, we will officially invite any interested volunteers to come and join us. More details to follow!

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