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The REAL Challenge

The Real Challenge

I met up with Mr. Prem Shrestha in morning of January 25 to go over the type of truss he will need to build with respect with design. As we discussed, It was essential for him to go and see the site. We (Bikash, Prem-ji and I) decided to take a ride to Bal Shikchya Primary School the following day in the first hour. We were concern with few things such as the availability of electricity and water for construction of school.

We rode our bikes for 3 hours to get to Bal Shikchya Primary school. Two hours ride was in a pitched road and one hour on dirt road. Mr. Prem Shrestha inspected the site and also met with Hari Prasad Poudel (vice principle). He made sure the school had proper availability of electricity and water to get started with construction.

Real challenge
Discussion of the new steel frames for the purposed school with Prem Shrestha (right) and Hari Prasad Poudel (middle)

Once the site was inspected, Prem-ji left for Kathmandu while I stayed the night in Thokarpa. The next morning, Hari sir assembled the parents of the kids currently attending Bal Shikchya Primary school. It was a key element to let the villagers know the new school is being built with their helping hands and for their kids future.


I was eager to chat with the parents for the very first time so we started with our name and went around in a circle. There were a school committee president as well as the school president present at the meeting. Once we got to the parents to say their name, they were very shy and uncomfortable. Some of them said their name in a low voice while others kept hiding their face with very little courage to speak. As I mentioned in my previous blog, these folks are under-caste people who are constantly suppressed in everyday life. As little as saying their name was a difficult task for them.



I brought a sample of a prefab panel walls from International Green Developers and showed everyone around. I went on to introducted myself and the purpose of me being there. I am in Nepal for next two months and will try my best to provide a proper learning center of 5 rooms and 2 bathrooms for the kids and teachers of Bal Shikchya. I also requested the community to help me with manpower and they agreed.

In order to start with the construction work, we would require an approval of design and material being used for the school from the district office in Chautara, Sindupalanchowk. I am now back in Kathmandu, finishing up the design work by January 31st, 2016.

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