We Challenge You to Try Going “Plastic-Free” this July!

Those who choose to participate can treat this as a personal challenge. Many assume the conversion to sustainable living is taxing and cumbersome. In 2020, it’s actually a widely accepted initiative. Plus, it only requires a minute more of conscious preparation to make a grand impact long term!

At times, it can seem that a world feasting and profiting off of consumption and single-use plastics is too universal and routine to combat. If there isn’t enough buzz or drawback on the issue, then what’s the point? 

Education is key! Life-changing, even. Most companies are prioritizing profit over durability and quality. This often means single-use plastics are utilized for their convenience, solely. “We produce 300 million tons of plastic each year worldwide, half of which is for single-use items” (Lindwall), and about 91% of those plastics aren’t recycled at all! More than 40% of plastic items are reused more than once before being tossed… 

Plastics themselves don’t really decompose. Fun Fact: It would take about 450 years for a soda bottle to fully decompose. Plastics are usually broken up into microplastics, which are tiny particles derived from single-use plastic items that litter anywhere you can think of; oceans, sidewalks, parks, etc. The most harmful effects can occur when accidentally consumed by an animal. Cue discussions about how single-use plastic straws kill turtles.

Researchers say it takes 21 days to curb a bad habit. Imagine actively participating in Plastic Free July for a whole month. Some of the initiatives you struggled to maintain will become second nature to you! You will transform into the sustainable leader you’ve dreamed of being!

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that many sustainable initiatives have been temporarily outlawed for health and sanitary purposes. Have no fear! There are still a few effortless tips and tricks you can do to reduce your consumption of single-use plastics!

(We promise, committing to a Plastic-Free July is literally, so simple and painless).

  1. When grocery shopping, ask for the bagger to skip the bagging, and put all your items in your cart. When you return to your car, bag the items in your own reusable bags!

  2. For those of us returning to work, pack your own lunch in a reusable lunch box.

  3. Choosing to prepare your own meals versus take-out minimizes the amount of plastic in use.

  4. Opt for reusable face coverings rather than single-use ones. Just be sure they are double-filtered for your safety! 

  5. Swap your traditional body wash for a bar of soap. 

  6. Invest in companies that practice and preach sustainable efforts. Consider supporting small, local businesses, and purchase some staple items from our shop! We offer online and curb-side pick up 🙂

Lastly, we cannot forget about the publicity of it all! Accept the Plastic-Free challenge online, then promote  your participation on social media, or to your community. Educate your inner circle on the harmful effects of single-use plastic, and encourage them to make a change. Advocate for large companies to reduce their own plastic foot print! Hold them accountable, and put them on blast!

Visit the official Plastic-Free July website for some guidance on how to accept and prepare for the challenge!


Lindwall, Courtney Courtney Lindwall. “Single-Use Plastics 101.” NRDC, 9 Jan. 2020, https://www.nrdc.org/stories/single-use-plastics-101#:~:text=We%20produce%20300%20million%20tons,of%20the%20entire%20human%20population.&text=But%20a%20whopping%2091%20percent,landfills%20or%20in%20the%20environment.

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