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Work in Progress

So… I have been busy with appointments with different construction company. As I was looking for contractors, I realized few things. Once I hire a contractor, he will be responsible for materials, delivery, labour cost, installation, and other add ons. This would limit the involvement of the villagers with the project. One of our goal was to have the villagers get involve with the project so that they feel in control of the project. It will give the villagers a self satisfaction because its them who built it instead of the contractors.

I started to break up the supplies channels and just buy raw materials from individual company. For instance, I went to speak with a local steel company in Bauddha, Kathmandu.

Mr. Prem Shrestha from Prem Bagh Bhairav Steel Udayog.

Next, was to find a pre-fab concrete panels for the walls of the school. As I was researching for the panels, I came across a company called International Green Developers Nepal Pvt. Ltd. The panels had really impressive features. Research has shown that seismic performance of panels can resist up to 8.5 richter scale. It is very light weight compare to normal concrete, water proof, sound proof, resist high temperature, and has no fossil fuel used (green technology). I immediately made an appointment with Mr. Pranish Pradhan who is a senior engineer at International Green Developers Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Pranish Pradhan and I at Jagati, Bhaktapur, Nepal.


A sample house in International Green Developers using the pre-fab concrete panels.



Before building the school, design is essential. I had started to design the school with 4 class room, 2 bathroom and 1 office. Design is something I have very little experience with. Rinku Shrestha has also offered to help with the design work from United States. Once the design is complete, we will have it go through local architect here in Kathmandu and head on to the district office of Sindupalanchowk (Chautara I believe) for the approval.

work in progress
AutoCAD 2016 rough purposed design

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